Decide to Declutter

Welcome to Decide to Declutter, an organising and decluttering service based in West Sussex.

My goal at Decide to Declutter is to not only help people organise their living and working space but to make this an enjoyable place to be. It is important whether you are cooking, working or even relaxing that you have a perfect space to do this. I truly believe an organised, clutter free space where everything has a place makes living your daily life easier and more enjoyable. 

I am dedicated to offering the most effective tools and a personalised service to help you achieve the ideal space in your home. 

Whether it is a cupboard, one particular room, your whole house or even paperwork that is in need of attention, at Decide to Declutter, I provide practical solutions to get you the space you deserve. From decluttering, to tidying, to organising, to recycling and disposal of unwanted items, everything at Decide to Declutter is taken care of.